Being a dog breeder

My name is Anjana Gort. I am a young dog breeder. I have always loved dogs and already as a young child I felt a deep love for especially the shepherds. I love their loyal and sensitive character, their working capacity and their great beauty.

Nowadays in my twenties, I own and breed Shelties which are small herding dogs. They are partly derived from dogs used in the Shetland Isles for herding small sheep or for chasing sheep and birds out of the crofter's gardens. The Sheltie, also called Shetland Sheepdog, is a small but very tough working dog of great beauty.

To be a breeder, you have to be really devoted, even a little bit addicted to the breed you are breeding I think. You need to know everything about bloodlines, pedigree's and individual dogs, health, health testing, genetics and inheritance and so on. You need to surround yourself with those who are on the same mission and you need to keep a goal in mind; for example breeding dogs of a certain type. This type will, after years of breeding, be recognizable as your type, as dogs of your kennel. 

My personal goal is to breed puppies that generally are in good health, have a good character and are of good UK type, as this is the type I personally love most.

Being a dog breeder I am a member of the Dutch Kennel Club and the Dutch Sheltie Association. My dogs are (genetically) 
tested on multiple health diseases before they are available for breeding and my puppies will be examined by our vet before they go to their new owners. Of course they get all the medical care that is needed or required.

This beautiful tricolour girl puppy is a daughter of my tricolour male Luca. She is bred by N. Bruininx, Reusel, Netherlands.