Name: Ch. Mijada's Home Shine Bright My Pride - "Luca"
Date of birth: March 14 2009
Colour: Tricolour (only tric and merle in the first generations)

CEA/PRA/Distichiasis/Cataract clear (free of all hereditary eye diseases), HD A, MDR1 +/-, DM +/+, correct complete dentition, height 37 centimeters.

Several times Best Male, Best of Breed, CACIB, CAC and RCAC winner. Update: Luca is now a champion dog. Besides that he is qualified for Crufts and got placed in "Best in Show" more than once! (Last time at an age of almost 8, a wonderful experience.)
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Luca is my first own dog, he is very special to me. With his loyal and devoted, well-balanced and sensitive character he really has brightened my life in so many ways! Luca and I have a very strong bonding, this bonding is so strong that he seems to know when something is wrong, even when the distance between the two of us is kilometers away. He didn't show this behaviour once, but several times. But Luca is a very gifted dog in many more ways. In fact he is so special that I got the question to write a book about him I think about a hundred times in the past few years, and I am now indeed busy writing it. 

Luca has it all. Beauty and brains. I think he really is a gift from heaven, I can not explain otherwise how else I have come to such a great dog....

For Luca's pedigree click here.

Luca is selectively available for stud, I prefer him to be available for females out of British bloodlines and/or to improve the true British type. Luca has given puppies in all three head colours: sable, tricolour and blue merle. Luca often gives nice white collars and warm sable, he gives deep black and warm tan and his first merle puppies were very bright of colour. But the most important; Luca usually gives very nice characters and healthy puppies. Curious for his progeny? Click further