Our boys

I love the original pure British type Sheltie. My pack counts male and female Shelties both, and, depending on the season, puppies, youngsters and adult dogs. These might be own dogs, or dogs in training and foster puppies.

I have four stud dogs, two tricolours, one trifactored sable, and one bicolour /bi black, all of British type. I prefer my males to be available for females out of British bloodlines and/or to improve the true British type. My adult tricolour, (a champion dog), has already proven himself being a stud dog. He has given very nice litters in all head colours. His son, my young sable stud dog, pictured on the right, has succesfully mated as well. Some of his puppies were tested CEA genetically free. Father and son both have given very nice characters in their offspring. Our hopes for the future are our very promising young tricolour male from Austria (CEA genetically free) and our young bicolour from Poland (CEA and MDR1 genetically free).

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Besides of my stud dogs, who also are family and pet dogs to me, we have a 5th male in the pack. I refer to Jayden, (d.o.b. 01-09-2015, CEA/PRA/CAT/DIST clear, MDR1 +/+), son of Luca and full (younger) brother of Tristan. Jayden seems to have a special gift. For some reason Jayden is able to really hit people's hearts, he did it with mine too..... So, although there was absolutely no plan to keep a puppy from this litter (I already had Tristan), Jayden just never left...... 

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Born To Twinkle Bright Is The Day, "Tristan", 3 years old
F: Ch. Mijada's Home Shine Bright My Pride
M: Emily From The Yellow Cottage