Luca's sable offspring

Luca became available for show and stud at the age of five. A whole new world opened for us as I had no idea of how to present a dog, how to make him a good stud dog and so on. In fact there was very little for me to do; Luca presented himself and although I am a little reserved as it comes to new requests for Luca, he nowadays has progeny in all three head colours, sable, tricolour and blue merle.  

I am proud of Luca's progeny. I think he gives a lovely type, often nice white collars, beautiful colours and a good character. But more important: Luca generally gives healthy puppies, untill today (April 2016, Luca is 7 years) only one puppy had slight CRD. No severe hereditary problems were ever seen in his progeny so far so hopefully it stays that way, the oldest ones are still young. 

As we all know that every dog carries dozens of hereditary defects on his DNA, it is on the breeder and the dogs owner to look very carefully at a family line, because ultimately it is not just about the individual dog, but also, and not of less importance, about what is behind. So yes, although a dog is healthy, his health tests results are fine and he seems to give good, healthy litters also, never be lazy when it comes to proper research! Not for every disease there is a genetic test available.... 

Having said this I will now proudly present to you Luca's sable offspring.

Curious for Luca's tricolour/blue merle offspring?

Thank you for your interest!