Tristan's sable offspring

Tristan is, like his father Luca, only selectively available for stud. I am proud of Tristan's first progeny. His first puppies are of a lovely type, and seem to have a very nice character. Not very much to my surprise but very much to my pleasure Tristan's first puppies are looking very very homogeneous in comparison to the offspring of my other male, Tristan's father Luca. They seem to give a similar type, although you can not really say this after one litter of course, but it was sometimes hard to see the difference! Let's say they both give a very sweet expression and attractive heads. Good to know: some of Tristan's first puppies were tested CRD genetically clear. 

As we all know that every dog carries dozens of hereditary defects on his DNA, it is on the breeder and the dogs owner to look very carefully at a family line, because ultimately it is not just about the individual dog, but also, and not of less importance, about what is behind. So yes, although a dog is healthy, his health tests results are fine and he seems to give good, healthy litters also, never be lazy when it comes to proper research! Not for every disease there is a genetic test available....

Having said this I will now proudly present to you Tristan's first sable offspring.

Curious for Tristan's tricolour offspring?

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Thank you for your interest!