Movies from our dogs and puppies

  • A litter
    Unfortunately I have nothing from our A litter because we lost the litter during birth.

    I am still sad about that because it's very hard to lose a litter, especially when nothing seemed to be wrong with the litter itself but the vet just isn't taking you seriously when you say you need help, only because you are (a) young (breeder)..

    I have searched for another vet after we had to go through this. 

  • B litter
    I have quite a lot from our B litter. 
    - Puppies 0-2 weeks
    - Puppies 3-9 weeks

  • C litter
    - Puppies 0-2 weeks
    - Puppies 3-9 weeks

  • Walks and play time
    - Walks and playtime with the pack