My type of Sheltie

The Shetland Sheepdog, also called Sheltie, is a small but very tough working dog of great beauty. To me a good Shetland Sheepdog is a very loyal dog that loves to be around, a dog with great working capacity, well-balanced, not afraid, intelligent, very elegant in appearance and with that typical sweet expression that characterizes the breed so much and that shows very well what love they carry inside.

Of course a good Sheltie should have a good construction and therefore have outstanding movement and is a healthy, high energetic dog. Overall, a Sheltie of good type is just stunning, a very devoted friend and the most precious possession... 

My type of Sheltie is the English type Sheltie. In a world where the influence of (often strongly linebred) American Shelties is growing everyday I try to stick to the original true British type. This is the type I felt in love with as a young girl, and this is the type I still love so much today. 

Together with my good friend Sarah Andlinger from Austria I am the moderator of "British Type Shelties International", a group that is operating as some kind of database for British type Shelties on facebook. The group is very popular under breeders but everyone who is interested in the true and original British type Sheltie can become a member.