We are a small Sheltie kennel, located in the South of the Netherlands, near the sea, and very close to a beautiful lake where we walk daily. Although we are located in the South, you can find me quite often in the North of the Netherlands as well. I work from home, but travel quite regularly. Wherever I go, the dogs normally always go along. It has never been a problem for me to take a pack of dogs in the train, for example. They behave very well and are my pride. In fact my dogs are my family and my life.

I love the original British type Sheltie. My pack counts male and female Shelties both, and, depending on the season, puppies, youngsters and adult dogs. I have two stud dogs, a tricolour and a sable, both of good English type. 

Being a dog breeder, I am a member of the Dutch Kennel Club and the Dutch Sheltie Association. My dogs are (genetically)
tested on multiple health diseases before they are available for breeding and my puppies will be examined by our vet before they go to their new owners. Of course they get all the medical care and/or testing that is needed or required.

This beautiful bluemerle female puppy is one of the daughters of my tricolour male Luca. She is bred by kennel Finhle, Belgium.